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Experiential Learning:

 A Choose Life Question

·        "The question the teacher must ask about his curriculum, is not what the youth can do with it, but rather what it will do to the youth.


·        Another question to consider, is what materials and methods I can develop to help the young people to become more complete, and help them become what they are capable of being."

                                 Ken Kallish

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1.                                                                                                        THE ViSION OF CHOOSE LIFE


The following is a summary of the dream called Choose Life.

·     Faith on Fire-To create an ardent spirit within young people (and their families where possible), so that they may have life, and have it more abundantly.

·     Molding Mentors, leaving a Legacy-To present a training centre that will exceed the expectations and needs of our customers.

·     Bachar Chayim-To make available a place of “Hope” for “hopeless” a shelter for teenagers and their families.

2.                                                                                                       MISSION OF CHOOSE LIFE



·   Through mentorship in family format, discipleship, inner healing, class room training and outdoor programmes we will uplift and enrich the entire human existence of young people: socially, spiritually, psychologically and physically - and train others to do so accordingly, and offering both parties a support and network structure.

·    Present specialised training or programmes to all ages through some or all of the following media:

  1. Discipleship and mentorship.
  2. Inner healing and prayer ministry.
  3. Development through life skills training and orientation.
  4. Leadership and teambuilding principles.
  5. Youth workers counselling and ministry skills.
  6. Adventure and outdoor skills and/or programmes.
  7. Adventure based counselling and Adventure therapy
  8. Experiential, outdoor- and adventure education and –learning programmes.
  9. Skills and Life skills training


3a.                                                                               TARGETED OBJECTIVES OF CHOOSE LIFE


Improvement in person and self worth, in all or some of the following areas:

  1. Personal relationship with a triune God, no compromise.
  2. Emotional healing, Life in abundance.
  3. Biblical based values, attitudes and principles.
  4. Godly relationships and communication skills.
  5. Intellect and skill.
  6. Balanced living.


·        To Train with skills.

  1.  To develop youth in the age group of 13 to 25, irrespective of race, culture, religion or ability.
  2.  To enhance the youth's self-image, by proving what potential is imbedded within him / her.
  3. To serve and heal the body, mind and spirit of our youth.
  4. To establish a network, based on good relationships, which can train and support the youth so that they can reach for their dreams.
  5. To create and make available an alternative infrastructure to build and expand the Kingdom of Jesus Christ through discipleship.

3b.                                                                                        CHOOSE LIFE 'S DIRECT OBJECTIVES



·        To restore the following characteristics and values in youth:

  1. Love for God.
  2. Self worth.
  3. Commitment, courage and perseverance.
  4. Respect, love, trust and servant hood.
  5. Bravery through calculated risk taking.
  6. Responsibility and reliability.
  7. Ownership and stewardship.


4.                                                                                  OUTCOMES OF THE CHOOSE LIFE DREAM



·        The aim is not a profit-generating project in terms of cash return on investment.


·        The aim is a profit-generating project for:

  1.  Giving hope, direction and restoration to the youth in South Africa.
  2. Growing godly leaders and –mentors to and for the next generation.
  3. Victorious lives and living in any situation.
  4. People leaving a legacy.

5.                                                                            GOALS THAT CHOOSE LIFE WANT TO REACH


      Finding yourself through finding how much he love's you and what He had in mind when He created you:............ 2 Pet 1:10

A.   An improvement in spiritual walk with God:


·        Falling In love with God.

·        An understanding of Gods grace and Love.

·        Increased sense of worth before God.

·        Improvement in spiritual wisdom.

·        Improved social attitudes through godly servant hood.

·        Improved spiritual maturity.

·        Improved biblical attitudes & values.


B.   An improvement in attitudes & values:


·        Increased sense of personal worth and self-confidence (self-concept).

·        Improvement in interpersonal communication

·        Improved social attitudes (towards strangers and local community).

·        Improved environmental awareness and ethics.

·        Improvement in trust.



C.   Improvement in intellectual knowledge & skill:


·        Leadership skills.

·        Group dynamics.

·        Problem solving skills.

·        Communication.

·        Wilderness knowledge, conservation, geology, botany, zoology etc.

·        Work and hand skills.


D.   Improvement in physical fitness and skill:


·        Outdoor living.

·        Back packing.

·        River rafting.

·        Tracking.

·        Camping.

·        First aid.

·        Orientation.